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 Apr. 2014 – Bill Crown participates in a panel on “Challenges to Managing Big Data” at the MassBio Annual Meeting 2014 in Boston, MA.

 Mar. 2014 – Paul Bleicher is a featured speaker in the Health Sciences Track of the Oracle Industry Connect Conference in Boston, MA, presenting “Enabling Cross-Industry Collaborative Research and Innovation to Improve Patient Care.”

 Mar. 2014 – Bill Crown attends Grand Rounds at Mayo Clinic and presents “Can Instrumental Variables Address the Endogeneity Problem in Estimating Treatment Effects with Observational Data?”

 Feb. 2014 — Seven Leading Health Organizations Join Optum Labs Research Collaborative

Feb. 2014 – Bill Crown moderates a panel on Big Data at the University of Maryland M-CERSI Conference on ‘Leveraging Big Data II- What does it Mean for Improving Product Development and Healthcare?’ and also participates in a panel summarizing insights from the conference.

 Dec. 2013 ― Bill Crown presents “Missing Variables in Observational Studies: Bias, Instrumental Variables and Data Linkage” at the MGH/Harvard/MIT Seminar on Quantitative Medicine.

 Dec. 2013 ― Paul Wallace delivers keynote address at the Diabetes Leadership Initiative’s Capstone Summit: “Knowledge Base Around Integrating Public Health and Primary Care Around Diabetes.”

 Nov. 2013 ― Paul Wallace presents “Harvesting Opportunities for Clinical Translation and Learning: Improving the Ties Among Researchers, Clinicians and Patients” at Mayo Clinic’s Clinical and Translational Science Award (CTSA) Program Grand Rounds in Rochester, MN.

 Nov. 2013 — Paul Wallace participates in a keynote panel on “Use of Evidence in Policy and Practice” at the ECRI Institute 20th Annual Conference in Washington DC.

 Nov. 2013 — Bill Crown participates in a panel on “Evidence-Based Medicine: Risk and Reward” at the Economist Health Care Forum 2013 in Boston, MA.

 Nov. 2013 — Bill Crown delivers opening address at the ISPOR 16th Annual European Congress in Dublin, Ireland. Dr. Crown is the president of ISPOR.

 Nov. 2013 — Richard Dale is a speaker and mentor at the Unconference in Boston, MA.

 Oct. 2013 — Bill Crown delivers keynote address “Big Data: Its Power, Its Promise, Its Polemic” with Dr. Nilay Shah of Mayo Clinic at the Care Continuum Alliance annual conference in Scottsdale, AZ.

02/24/14 — Pink Sheet news article, “Pfizer Seeks insights into Big Data Analysis, Personalized Medicine Through Optum Labs,” features interviews with Pfizer Vice President of Real World Data and Analytics, Marc Berger, and Optum Labs CEO Paul Bleicher

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02/24/14 — Gray Sheet news article, “One Year in, Optum Labs Still Gaining Direction, Partners,” features interview with Paul Bleicher

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02/13/14 — Seven Leading Health Organizations Join Optum Labs Research Collaborative

  • Addition of universities, life sciences, care delivery and other organizations will strengthen Optum Labs’ mission to improve health care delivery and patient outcomes
  • Partners benefit from depth of data, collaborative approach to research, scientific expertise and advanced analytics to help drive discovery of new applications and testing of new care pathways

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10/15/13 — UnitedHealth Group to extend, broaden its relationship with AARP to focus more than ever on improving Americans’ health and well-being

  • AARP and UnitedHealth Group have reached an agreement in principle to extend exclusive agreement through which the parties expand the relationship that began in 1997 and has helped support the health and wellness needs of millions of AARP members
  • New AARP relationship with Optum Labs will help drive far-reaching research into consumer health innovation

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Oct. 2013 — Dr. John Noseworthy, president and CEO of Mayo Clinic, publishes a blog post titled ‘A Perspective on the Future of Health Care with The Harvard Business Review’, and highlights Optum Labs as a resource to both reduce cost and improve quality in the emerging science of health care delivery.

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Sept. 2013 — Paul Bleicher participates in a keynote Q&A session with Mark Hayward of Mayo Clinic on Optum Labs as a “Center for Cross-Industry Open Collaboration in Health Care Research and Innovation” at the StrataRx Conference 2013 in New York, NY.

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May 2013 ― Andy Slavitt, group executive vice president of Optum and Dr. John Noseworthy, president and CEO of Mayo Clinic, speak about “When Will ‘Big Data’ be Big Enough” at the Health Evolution Partners Summit in Dana Point, CA, and share insights into why Mayo Clinic and Optum are working together to harness the power of Big Data.

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1/15/13 ― Optum, Mayo Clinic partner to launch Optum Labs: An open, collaborative research and innovation facility focused on better care for patients

  • Other participants from health care, science and academia expected to share insights and pursue solutions that improve health outcomes for people
  • Optum and Mayo Clinic to combine extensive, de-identified clinical and claims data to help care providers create the most effective approaches to care

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