Develop Evidence

The Market Landscape — In Sharp Focus

At Optum™, we’ll help you generate and analyze real-world evidence. So you can see the market landscape — in sharp focus.

We collect, analyze and communicate real-world evidence that presents a scientific view of the marketplace. This can help you access new markets, better position your products to stakeholders and consumers and realize the full potential of your brands.


Data Assets

Unparalleled Data Assets – At Your Fingertips

The size and breadth of the Optum™ database — which includes enrollment information from 1993 to present day on more than 114 million commercial and Medicare lives — allows us to link measures to pharmacy and medical claims history.

Late Phase Research

Evidence that Drives Results

We combine valuable study design consultation with rich data sets to produce the real-world evidence you need to achieve both your scientific and commercial objectives — all while maintaining regulatory compliance.

Health Economics and Outcomes Research

Scientific Research to Realize the Full Potential of Your Brands

Leverage the proven expertise of one of the world’s leading health economics and outcomes research (HEOR) companies to get a deeper understanding for your market and ultimately gain competitive advantage.

Economic Modeling

Proven, Wide-Ranging Development Expertise

Let Optum™ help you develop robust, highly versatile economic models that combine the best available clinical, economic and quality-of-life data to inform your decisions about product pricing, reimbursement and market access.

Patient Insights

Improve Quality by Measuring Patient Outcomes

Our health care system’s efforts to improve quality of care often lack an important element: the patient’s perspective on his or her own health. At Optum™, we capture reliable, practical and scientifically valid information on the patient’s own functional health and well-being with patient-reported outcome (PRO) measures.