Hospitals: Get ICD-10 Prepared

ICD-10 will bring big changes and big opportunities. Will you be ready?

With an eight-fold increase in codes that will demand a whole new level of accuracy and specificity in clinical documentation, the coming of ICD-10 looms large on the horizon for hospitals across the country.

Yet, ICD-10 also offers a unique opportunity to improve clinical documentation accuracy and efficiency, as well as patient outcomes and financial results. The key? Taking a comprehensive approach to strengthening organizational performance to minimize potential negative impact and maximize opportunities for long-term improvement.

Comprehensive Integrated Solutions

Optum delivers a comprehensive suite of integrated solutions including technology, services, analytics and consulting offerings. Organizations can choose to implement the complete solution or choose from individual components. From planning, resourcing, implementing and training to managed services and end-state measurement and analytics, our comprehensive ICD-10 solutions can be tailored to meet the specific needs of your organization—regardless of size.

No matter where your organization is in the ICD-10 preparation process, Optum can be your comprehensive transition partner, improving your organizational performance not only to meet the ICD-10 deadline, but to become a more effective organization long-term.

Partner with Optum

Your partner for the ICD-10 transition and beyond.

Optum’s breadth of capabilities, depth of healthcare experience and comprehensive focus on the holistic ICD-10 solution is unmatched in the industry. No other single provider can match our robust team of experts, industry-leading technology, tailored services and intelligent analytics that are designed to span the breadth of your organization, from clinical documentation to coding to reimbursement and infrastructure.

Comprehensive preparation for your peace of mind

Our team of experienced consultants, including board-certified physicians, nurses and affiliated health professionals, will provide you with comprehensive assessment, planning, system remediation and solution implementation services to ensure your staff and clinicians are ready for ICD-10, and prepared to take full advantage of the opportunities it offers to strengthen your business model, workflows and outcomes.

Optum's experience

For more than 25 years, Optum has been a leader in coding content and services, and has helped hospitals maximize the efficiency and accuracy of coding and reimbursement processes. With a team comprising consultants, clinicians, and inpatient/outpatient coding and claims experts, our talent and experience make Optum uniquely positioned to help hospitals and health systems of all sizes negotiate the complex road to ICD-10.

Questions to Ask

Critical questions every executive should be asking:

  • Do I trust that vendors of my critical IT systems will be ready by the ICD-10 deadline?
  • How much time do I need to upgrade my older systems?
  • Which aspects of the ICD-10 transition should I outsource?
  • How do I implement a training program that is appropriate for different roles within my organization?
  • What is my information systems implementation strategy?
  • How do I use general equivalency mappers (GEMs) to analyze the difference between ICD-9 and ICD-10?
  • Is there a program that helps coders learn more about anatomy, physiology, and interventions to aid in coding accuracy and efficiency?
  • Will I be able to translate historical data and will I still be able to use that data with ICD-10?
  • Will this affect state and federal reporting requirements?
  • How will this affect my clinical documentation program?
  • Will this change my payments from Medicare for never-events or present-on-admission (POA)?
  • Do I have enough staff in place to handle the increased workload ICD-10 will bring, as well as the productivity loss that will occur as coders spend time in education/training prior to the transition?