Palliative care

Patients are people first. They have a life, loved ones and a place to call home. With this in mind, we develop a plan of care that helps our patients continue to enjoy all those things.

Palliative care provided by Optum is an added layer of specialized medical care that supplements a patient's curative treatments. Our care begins with one-on-one consultations that focus on getting more out of life. We spend time with patients to help them understand their serious illness, available care options and how to relieve their pain and symptoms. Through this service, we help patients navigate the care path that relieves pain and suffering, aligns with their care wishes and goals and helps them live life to their fullest.

Learn more about palliative care:

If you feel that a palliative care consultation might be right for you or a loved one, ask your doctor, contact your local Optum provider or call 877-765-4445.