What is hospice care

Hospice care is specialized clinical care and emotional support that helps alleviate suffering for the patient and family near end of life so they can live life to the fullest.

Through conversations about your care goals and wishes, we’ll work with your attending doctor to develop a plan of care that is focused on helping you find comfort and peace. We provide that care wherever you live, such as a personal residence, assisted living facility or other care facility.

Our focus is on holistically improving the clinical, emotional and spiritual conditions of patients, as well as their loved ones, while we help them get more out of the days to come.

Hospice interdisciplinary care team

The hospice interdisciplinary care team is central to the hospice care philosophy. Often referred to as the Optum Hospice Care Team, this group of specialists -- including hospice physicians, nurse case managers, nursing aids, social workers, chaplains, trained volunteers and bereavement coordinators -- offers emotional, spiritual and clinical support to reduce suffering for our patients and families.

Optum Hospice Care Teams meets weekly to ensure your care plan provides the best possible care to you and your loved ones based on your current needs. Members of this interdisciplinary care team are also available by phone, all day, every day, should a need or question arise.  

Four levels of hospice care

We offer the four different levels of hospice care to meet the needs of you and your family, as determined in collaboration with the Optum Hospice Care Team.

1) Routine home care: Routine home care is standard care given in the patient’s place of residence and provided by the interdisciplinary team, including physicians, nurses, certified nursing aides, chaplains, social workers and trained volunteers. There is no time limit to this type of hospice care. Routine home hospice care will be provided as long as it is believed that the patient will continue to benefit clinically.

2) Respite care: This level of care is designed to give the caregiver a period of rest. Providing care for a loved one can be exhausting, with respite care, the patient typically goes to an in-patient hospice unit for a five-day stay, during which the caregiver can relax and take some time for his/herself.

3) Continuous care: Providing comfort for our patients is critical. And sometimes this means an additional level of nursing care is required. Continuous care was developed for exactly that. We offer continuous care at the patient’s residence during a short-term, temporary crisis when there is a need for constant skilled nursing. This type of care is only provided occasionally and maintains a focus on hospice care.

4) General inpatient care: Typically, this is brief care that helps to manage acute symptoms in a clinical setting with a 24-hour nurse on staff. It may be required for procedures that necessitate a higher level of nursing care to manage the pain or symptoms. Optum Hospice Care partners with many hospitals and medical facilities within our communities, so should you need general inpatient care, you can choose the most convenient location for you.

If you think you or a loved one might benefit from our services, ask your doctor, contact your local Optum Hospice Care provider or call us at 877-765-4445.

CHAP accreditation

Hospice care provided by Optum is CHAP accredited, a distinction that recognizes only those providing the highest standard of community-based hospice care. Learn more.

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