Start the conversation to make your wishes known

You've had the conversation about your finances and your belongings, but have you considered your medical care?  While it might be overwhelming to consider, this is a meaningful conversation you can have with your loved ones to help make sure your future care is on your terms.

Take the pledge to start the conversation here. You'll receive tips and resources to help you start the conversation and then capture it in an advance directive when you are ready.

Additional resources for making your wishes known

The Conversation Project is national, nonprofit movement created to help families have conversations about end-of-life wishes. As they say, when you talk about end-of-life wishes with your loved ones, you’re truly giving them a gift -- a gift of understanding that will bring them peace in years to come.

The Conversation Project offers you help in providing the gift of conversation to your family: a downloadable discussion guide to help you start the conversation with those you love. Take advantage of your loved ones being home for the holidays; have the conversation today.

A unique advance directive is available through Aging with Dignity, called Five Wishes. Five Wishes was introduced in 1997 to help change the way individuals and families talk about end of life care. Available in a printed and online version, Five Wishes helps individuals let their family and doctors understand: 

  • Who you want to make health care decisions for you when you cannot
  • The kind of medical treatment you want or do not want
  • How comfortable you want to be
  • How you want people to treat you
  • What you want your loved ones to know

To access Five Wishes, click here.

When diagnosed with a serious illness, doctors and specialists often provide a great deal of information about the condition, typically with lots of details. Here are some questions to consider asking to help you get what you need out of the conversation:

  • What does this mean?
  • How serious is this?
  • What are my options?
  • When do I have to decide?
  • What if I have more questions? Who can I contact?
  • When can I schedule an advance care planning meeting?

To help with this conversation, download our Serious Illness tri-fold brochure or consider asking for a palliative consultation, which is focused on helping you through a serious illness.

Optum encourages you not to wait until the conversation is required. Take advantage of today and begin the conversation about your wishes and goals for your medical care.

If you'd like additional resources or tips to aid in your conversation, talk to your health care provider, contact your local Optum Palliative and Hospice Care or call us at 877-765-4445.

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