Improve health outcomes, reduce costs and increase efficiency

Rising costs, legal and regulatory mandates, managing complex populations, improving health outcomes, the burgeoning growth of programs —  these are just a few of the ongoing challenges we help our government partners manage every day.

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Impact intelligence white paper
Health care organizations continue to seek ways to improve the value they deliver to their customers and pinpoint opportunities to enhance performance. Identifying trends in health care costs and key drivers of those trends can help organizations.
Ensuring Appropriate Mental Health Care for Tennessee Youths
See how Optum has reduced unnecessary mental health residential treatment admissions of Tennessee youths, allowing them to remain in their homes with appropriate community-based services in place.
Optum data visualization services
Understand cost drivers and service quality to improve Medicaid program results
Enhancing Recovery and Lowering Costs for Salt Lake County
Discover how Optum helped Salt Lake County develop collaborative systems of care that promote individual wellness and resiliency, improve recovery and reduce costs.
Transforming Systems and Improving Lives in Pierce County
Since Optum assumed management of the Pierce County Regional Support Network, they have partnered with the county and local stakeholders to establish peer support and other consumer-based services to better support people in recovery and reduce readmissions.
The people-centered universe
The people-centered universe: Fresh thinking on government IT modernization. Health care reform provides an opportunity for states to adopt an approach that puts the citizen, rather than the technology, at the center of the universe.
WEA Trust gains $1.1 million in benefits
The WEA Trust gains $1.1 million in benefits and improves productivity while increasing the number of cases handled per employee with Optum Impact Pro.