Wellness Coaching

Support every step of the way

Help your employees create lasting behavior changes and increase their level of satisfaction by using Wellness Coaching from Optum™.

Our experienced coaches are the heart of our Wellness Programs. They address the unique needs of individuals to help them change behavior and prevent chronic disease from affecting the quality of their lives.

People at all stages of health can benefit from coaching — from those who want help maintaining health to those who are at risk of developing, or already have chronic conditions.

Our coaches have a proven record of guiding members to success. Individuals completing the Optum telephonic Wellness Coaching program were:

  • 53 percent more likely to reduce risk for high blood pressure than those in the control group
  • Twice as likely to reduce risk for tobacco use than those in the control group
  • 38 percent more likely to reduce risk for obesity than those in the control group
  • 31 percent more likely to reduce risk for physical inactivity than those in the control group

Our program identifies ten times more at-risk individuals and drives engagement through market-leading innovations. These innovations include:

  • Identifying at-risk people from claims and onsite screenings
  • Dedicated wellness consultant team
  • Ongoing consumer communications
  • An open coaching model for anyone who wants to participate
  • Reporting with behavior change metrics

Optum coaches receive training in multiple areas, but focus on diabetes lifestyle, nutrition, exercise, stress management and heart healthy lifestyle.

Features of our Wellness Coaching:
  • We coach anyone who wants help — low, moderate and high risk individuals.
  • Our coaches identify individuals through multiple methods such as claims, on-site screenings, self-referral, program referral and health assessment.
  • Individuals can enroll in more than one program per year.
  • We offer Spanish-speaking coaches and can engage those who speak any of 150 languages through our translation services.
  • Phone, mail and online coaching provide the level of support and intensity needed.
Benefits of the Wellness Coaching Programs:
  • Healthier, happier employees are more loyal — adding to the bottom line
  • Reported behavior change through more than 60 specific metrics for benefits planning
  • Multiple identification methods reach individuals when they are most willing to make a change, thus increasing success rates

In addition to Wellness Coaching, Optum also offers two other programs, QuitPower and Healthy Back for your employees health benefit.


QuitPower Advanced Tobacco Cessation Program is a health improvement solution that focuses on creating lasting behavior change for improved health and well-being. It is designed to help individuals realize the important health benefits of quitting the use of tobacco for good.

The QuitPower Program is customized to each person’s unique needs and readiness to change. It includes up to eight scheduled one-to-one coaching calls with a certified tobacco cessation specialist, combined with home-delivered nicotine replacement therapy products to optimize success rates. Our multi-method risk identification uses online health assessments, onsite biometric screenings, claims analysis, employee self-identification and clinical referrals to identify counseling candidates.

Our highly trained coaches are personally committed to helping each member achieve healthy and happy lifestyles. An extensive evaluation of participant outcomes between 2009 and 2010 showed that of the 9,721 participants who enrolled in the QuitPower Program, nearly 39 percent reported not smoking as of their last coach call on record and 65 percent of those who completed the program quit smoking.*

Features of QuitPower:
  • Dedicated and cross-trained coaches
  • Communication materials to drive awareness and participation
  • Additional mail-based and online support materials, including Online Health Coach, tools trackers and pedometer
  • Limitless program enrollment
  • High intensity model that targets individuals who require more support than our standard tobacco cessation program
  • Scheduled outbound and limitless inbound calling for ongoing contact
Benefits of the QuitPower Program:
  • Coaching for all stages of change
  • Healthier, happier and more loyal employees
  • Outcome-based reporting that looks at behavior change through more than 60 reporting metrics
  • Seamless user experience that integrates with other Optum programs
Healthy Weight

Our Healthy Weight Program is an intense, non-surgical weight management coaching solution focused on changing an individual’s behavior and lifestyle choices to achieve long-lasting weight loss, reduce health risks and improve their quality of life.

Healthy Weight is a solution that can benefit all people at all stages of health, not just those at risk. Together, the individual and our dedicated coach set realistic, achievable goals and engage in an ongoing, proactive relationship to reach long-term behavioral change and weight management.

Overweight and obese individuals are one of the biggest medical cost drivers, as excessive weight is associated with increased risk for type 2 diabetes, heart disease, stroke, hypertension, cancer and more.

Using our whole-person approach, motivational interviewing techniques and the Transtheoretical Stages of Change Model, our coaches get to know the individual’s unique needs, triggers and behaviors. Together, the individual and the coach set realistic, achievable goals. The coach then recommends individualized tactics and provides positive, ongoing motivation and inspiration to help the member achieve long-term behavior change.

Of those individuals who achieved a key outcome in the Healthy Weight Program, 66 percent lost between one and five percent of their body weight, while over 95 percent of members are satisfied with our programs and over 90 percent would recommend it to a friend.

Our Healthy Weight Program features:
  • Open coaching for low, moderate and high-risk individuals
  • Limitless enrollment individuals can enroll in more than one program per year
  • Dedicated coaches throughout the process
  • Scheduled outbound and unlimited inbound calling for consistent access
  • Online tools including interactive health coach, tools and trackers
  • Our high intensity model targets individuals with a BMI over 25 and provides them with more intense support than our standard weight management program
Benefits of the Healthy Weight Program:
  • Medical and pharmacy cost savings
  • Bariatric surgery avoidance
  • Healthier, happier employees are more productive
Healthy Back

The Healthy Back Program is a support solution that strives to ease an individual’s pain as well as reduce unnecessary medical services and costs. It is designed to offer expert, compassionate coaching, education and support to help individuals manage and decrease back pain. We not only promote self-care and evidence-based treatment, but management of depression and other contributing lifestyle factors such as obesity and smoking.

People suffering from back pain account for more than $90 billion in annual health care expenses, not to mention the impact it has on their quality of life. The Healthy Back Program acts as a single source for members to obtain back-related information and support. Through coaching, education and the creation of a self-care plan of action, each member is empowered to reach a better state of health by managing their back pain, improving access to appropriate care and eventually reducing out-of-pocket expenses.

Features of the Healthy Back Program:
  • Identifies individuals at risk through claims-based predictive modeling
  • Referrals from programs such as NurseLineSM, Case Management, Disease Management, Chiropractic and Physical Therapy programs, and health assessment and other self-referral tools
Benefits of the Healthy Back Program:
  • Lowers costs associated with expensive back pain treatment options
  • Improves access to appropriate care
  • Helps to reduce out-of-pocket expenses


* Optum QuitPower Effectiveness Study dated December 2010.