Physical Activity

Reward your employees for going to the gym

Regular physical activity helps people maintain a healthy weight, reduce stress and decrease the risk of health conditions. Exercise not only offers numerous health benefits to individuals, it also translates into real savings for organizations. Promote physical activity with our Fitness Reimbursement Program

Our Fitness Reimbursement Program shows that it pays to go to the gym. Your employees can earn cash by going to the gym a set number of times each month. By providing a monetary incentive for physical activity, the Fitness Reimbursement Program can increase physical activity and reduce the health care costs associated with inactive individuals.

People simply enroll at a participating fitness center or Y and swipe their card or key each time they visit the fitness facility. For every month in which the individual visits the facility the set number of times, they receive cash back.

Benefits of regular physical exercise:
  • Decreases risk of coronary heart disease1
  • Decreases mortality from cardiovascular diseases1
  • Decreases risk of developing hypertension and reduces blood pressure among people with hypertension1
  • Increases bone density and improves joint health among people with osteoarthritis1
  • Relieves symptoms of depression and anxiety and improves psychological well-being1
  • Increases energy level2
  • Improves sleep patterns2
Features of the Fitness Reimbursement Program:
  • Large nationwide network of fitness facilities, including LA Fitness, Planet Fitness, Curves, Snap Fitness, Life Time Fitness, Anytime Fitness and the Y
  • All program management and administration provided by Optum
  • Can be offered to employees and spouses
  • Flexible participation thresholds and reimbursement schedules
Benefits of the Fitness Reimbursement Program:
  • Can increase fitness participation by as much as 300 percent3
  • Helps employers reduce the health care costs associated with an inactive population
  • Is a positive step in moving from a disease-centered model towards a health-based strategy
  • Offers employers a turn-key solution for engaging employees in a physical fitness program
  • Provides a low-cost, high-value benefit for employees


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3 Participation statistics based on feedback from third-party gym reimbursement administrators