Care Management

Managing care effectively and efficiently

Managing care is a highly specialized process. Optum™ programs are designed to meet the unique challenges of each individual with, personalized services — from case management and condition management to complex medical, and women’s and physical health.

Case Management

Providing care while managing expenses

Case Management assesses and coordinates services for people with chronic conditions, in need of longer-term support, or in need of broader access to healthcare providers. We work with the individual to ensure they make informed decisions using evidence-based medical guidelines.


Supporting the fight against cancer

Oncology Solutions address the major components that impact the cost, quality and outcomes of cancer care today and in the future. Our focus is on integrating care and addressing gaps.

Women's Health

Providing care across the spectrum

Our Women’s Health Programs can help manage the increasing costs related to complexities of pregnancy and childbirth. Services are designed to meet women’s health needs — from guidance and assistance with infertility, to support before, during and after pregnancy, to caring for fragile newborns.

Condition Management

Empowering people through education and access to resources

Condition Management Programs are designed to help empower people, in collaboration with physicians and other health care providers, to effectively manage their condition(s) and associated risk factors.

Complex Medical Management

We offer a number of programs to help those with complex medical conditions. Our programs help people in the areas of bariatric surgery, kidney disease, and transplants.

Physical Health

Providing care while reducing spend

Physical Health helps improve outcomes and reduces your organization’s musculoskeletal spend on conditions such as back pain through our Physical Health Networks and Clinical Support Program.