Online Behavioral Resources

To help your employees get and stay on track with their health goals, Optum™ has created online resources that can be used virtually anywhere anytime.

Your employees lead busy lives. They need convenient and efficient ways to access care., is a website that pushes education, prevention and empowerment, and behavioral therapy programs that are engaging, interactive — and online.

Liveandworkwell.Com is an intuitive and interactive website designed to engage and empower your employees. It includes:

Access to professional care with:
  • A clinician search tool with a mobile option
  • A claims-and-coverage toolkit that allows your employees to check coverage, submit claims, or monitor claims and payments
  • An online coaching work-life program that is both email- and web-based
Self-help programs and tools including:
  • Cognitive therapy-based programs
  • Therapeutic journaling
  • Teen behavioral change/stop smoking online planners
  • Health risk assessments with immediate feedback
  • Quick-search databases to access information/resources on childcare, eldercare, schools, colleges, health, alternative medicine, drug interactions and more
  • Budgeting tools, retirement planner, financial calculators, will kits, and legal document library
Educational information such as:
  • Over 100 Live Well, Be Well and Work Well Centers to find information/resources on popular topics
  • More than 5,000 well-being articles, discussion boards, videos, podcasts, webinars and newsletters to enjoy
  • Kids and teen wellness related tools, articles, stories, movies and games to access
Behavioral Therapy Programs

Our Behavioral Therapy Programs help individuals to move through depression, calm anxiety, manage everyday stress and recognize at-risk drinking and drug use These online Behavioral Therapy Programs are specially designed to offer individuals:

  • Virtual access and real help. Cognitive therapy-based approach helps people change behavior over time.
  • Assessment and progress tracking. Initial assessment with feedback plus daily journal to track mood improvement.
  • Self-paced mode. Dashboard provides people with access to lessons, tools and resources.
  • Privacy. Self-help program use is not shared or reported with anyone.