Healthy Culture

Healthy workplace = healthy employees

Optum™ will bring insights, industry knowledge and expertise to help you create your culture of health and wellness. Through onsite and virtual strategies, your culture of health will engage employees in new and existing programs and increase program utilization across high- and low-risk populations.

Onsite support helps develop an ongoing culture of health and wellness. Once engaged in a wellness activity, we take people through a journey to meet their ongoing needs with an actionable behavior change model that focuses on:

  • Awareness
  • Skills building
  • Ongoing maintenance

On-site Health Promotion

Help your employees take charge of their health at the workplace

Building a culture of health and wellness takes time — and proven strategies to motivate people to take charge of their own health. You know having healthy employees benefits your business with lower absenteeism and presenteeism rates that translate into higher productivity and ultimately reduced health care costs.

Population Health Consultant

Support to ensure long-term success

Your Population Health Consultant is an ongoing resource dedicated to creating a culture of health for your organization. Population Health Consultants bring insights, industry knowledge and experience to create and execute customized health and wellness solutions that deliver improved health and great value.


Bring a little healthy competition to the workplace

Challenges is an online and mobile wellness program that motivates people to commit to a healthier lifestyle through game-like, competitive tasks.


Keeping employees connected to their health

Mobile apps focused on health improvement can make it easy to motivate individuals and encourage healthier living — especially those apps that work well with other wellness programs you already have.

In a highly connected world, OptumizeMe’s mobile technology motivates people to embrace healthy behaviors, track progress and achieve their health goals anytime, anywhere. Additionally, individuals have access to virtual coaching, exclusive health content and motivational tips.